CFI's Strategic Consulting Services

Asking a management consultant to help you develop your RE/FM strategy holds value only if the consultant also provides you with the knowledge and tools you’ll need to support your own on-going strategic decision-making. Believing strongly in this concept, CFI Consultants have been training RE executives how to create their own workplace strategies for over twenty years. Decision support capabilities are enhanced through learning about RE/FM industry trends and standards; latest developments in technology and communication; and the successes and failures of colleagues.

Building better decision support methods and tools are the first steps toward enabling the thought leaders within your organization to successfully identify and prioritize business objectives throughout the entire Real Property and Workplace Life Cycle. When properly prioritized, these business objectives transition very smoothly into projects—capital improvements, facilities initiatives, or corporate responsibility programs.

Including CFI business analysts and consultants in the planning process will help to ensure successful projects. You need a company that has substantial experience in all aspects of strategic consulting to better align the unique business challenges confronting your organization with its overall objectives; eliminating redundancies, increasing effectiveness and ROI in the process.

CFI’s strategic consulting services include:

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