The successful completion of a technology implementation is not the end of your strategy – it’s only the beginning. Regardless of which technology has been implemented, there will be continuous need for daily support, processing requests for enhancements and new functionality, and changes to the data or drawings.

In some cases corporations do not have the resources or subject matter experts to provide the kind of support necessary for day-to-day support. Based on more than 25 years of supporting clients in every industry and across the globe, we know that it is important to have daily support for systems so they can adapt to an ever-changing business environment and keep functioning at peak performance.

CFI provides support for our clients in multiple areas:

The on-going technical support you need to guarantee an optimized system that runs at peak performance.

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Supports services to effectively management updates and other requirements so you can get the most out of your technology investment.

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The daily data and drawing management you need to understand your space and assets.

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In addition to Hosting services, Alamo Colleges designated CFI to essentially become their technology department – managing functions ranging from technology planning and analysis, deployment and ongoing training, maintenance and management activities and more.

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