IBM® TRIRIGA® Workplace Enterprise Management

TRIRIGA Workplace Enterprise Management improves operational efficiency and effectiveness

Organizational success requires both the right strategy and operational effectiveness. In turn, operational effectiveness requires that functions within the organization fit together and work together to implement the strategy. Whatever the function – real estate, projects, facilities or maintenance operations – the work performed has an impact on other parts of the organization.

TRIRIGA Workplace Enterprise Management delivers the most comprehensive suite of operational applications to manage the complete real estate lifecycle. TRIRIGA Workplace Enterprise Management brings together in a single system the diverse array of functions necessary to keep real estate locations, assets and personnel operating at peak levels.

Real Estate

TRIRIGA Real Estate improves the effectiveness of real estate portfolio planning, transaction management and real estate contract administration functions through the integration of real estate data, documents and automated processes. Whether an organization’s real estate strategy requires increased portfolio flexibility, increased revenues or reduced costs, TRIRIGA Real Estate provides the necessary capabilities to effectively improve operational performance.

Project Management

TRIRIGA Projects improves the quality of capital, facility and environmental projects through the integration of scope, schedule and cost management. TRIRIGA Projects provides complete enterprise-wide project and program management including all the required tools to ensure efficient, cost-effective delivery of projects such as new construction and renovations.

Facility Management

TRIRIGA Facilities increases the utilization of valuable real estate assets through the use of space management, reservation management and move management. TRIRIGA Facilities provides integrated CAD tools, employee self-service, automated move management and space chargeback processes to improve overall facility effectiveness.

Maintenance Management

TRIRIGA Operations and TRIRIGA Facility Assessment suite improves the energy efficiency and extends the life of critical building equipment. TRIRIGA Operations provides self-service and automated routing capabilities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of preventive and corrective maintenance, while TRIRIGA Facility Assessment prioritizes investments for capital projects and remodels.