An Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system, also known as computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is essential for proper support of maintenance functions. EAM is a software package that maintains a database of information about an organization’s entire maintenance operations. Its functions range from tracking work orders, requests for on-demand maintenance, scheduling of preventive maintenance, and management of facility resources.

EAM systems are used by maintenance departments in companies managing mid to large-sized buildings, particularly corporations that require a diverse range of equipment that need regular maintenance. EAM assists companies in the management of labor and materials and contribute to:

 Improved asset and labor productivity
 Better optimization of maintenance resources
 Increased efficiency in inventory management
 Increased in-warranty cost recovery
 Marked reduction in materials costs
 Prevent and/or predict asset failure

CFI has extensive experience assisting clients in the implementation and management of EAM / CMMS systems and the proof is in our client success stories.

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